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Argentina.png Argentina

Essential works
Strange Forces.jpg
Strange Forces
Leopoldo Lugones
The Museum of Eterna's Novel.jpg
The Museum of Eterna's Novel
Macedonio Fernandez
The Seven Madmen.jpg
The Seven Madmen
Roberto Arlt
The Aleph
Jorge Luis Borges
Julio Cortazar
Further recommendations
by Manuel Puig
by Ernesto Sabato
by Juan José Saer
by Oliverio Girondo
by Adolfo Bioy Casares
by Fernando Sorrentino
by Cesar Aira
by Marco Denevi
by Luisa Valenzuela
by Lila Zemborain
by Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill
by Rodrigo Fresan
by Alberto Laiseca

Australia.png Australia

Australian Literature Download
Essential works
Tthe Man Who Loved Children.jpg
The Man Who Loved Children
by Christina Stead
by Patrick White
The Fatal Shore.jpg
The Fatal Shore
by Robert Hughes
by Tim Winton
Death of a River Guide.jpg
Death of a River Guide
by Richard Flanagan
Further recommendations
Classic The Dreaming (1980) by Damien Broderick
Illywhacker (1985) by Peter Carey
Oscar and Lucinda (1988) by Peter Carey
For the Term of his Natural Life (1874) by Marcus Clarke
The Middle Parts of Fortune (1929) by Frederic Manning
Eucalyptus (1998) by Murray Bail
The Power of One (1989) by Bryce Courtenay
A Cry in the Jungle Bar (1979) by Robert Drewer
Gould's Book of Fish (2001) by Richard Flanagan
Diaspora (1997) by Greg Egan
My Brilliant Career (1901) by Miles Franklin
The Children's Bach (1984) by Helen Garner
The Female Eunuch (1970) by Germaine Greer
The Secret River (2005) by Kate Grenville
But the Dead are Many (1975) by Frank Hardy
Selected Poetry and Prose ( ) of A.D. Hope
The Lucky Country (1964) by Donald Horne
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886) by Fergus Hume
My Brother Jack (1964) by George Johnston
Schindler's Ark (1982) by Thomas Keneally
The First Casualty (2005) by Phillip Knightley
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (1955) by Ray Lawler
Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967) by Joan Lindsay
Remembering Babylon (1993) by David Malouf
Forty-Seventeen (1988) by Frank Moorhouse
New Collected Poems (1999) by Les Murray
Fredy Neptune (1998) by Les Murray
Three Dollars (1998) by Elliot Perlman
The Fortunes of Richard Mahony (1930) by Henry Handel Richardson
Shantaram (2003) by Gregory David Roberts
On the Beach (1957) by Nevil Shute
Animal Liberation (1975) by Peter Singer
The Little Hotel (1973) by Christina Stead
A Fraction of the Whole (2008) by Steve Toltz
The Tree of Man (1955) by Patrick White
The Vivisector (1970) by Patrick White
Dirt Music (2001) by Tim Winton
Wake in Fright (1961) by Kenneth Cook
The Foundations of Culture in Australia (1936) by P. R. Stephensen
Capricornia (1938) by Xavier Herbert
Power Without Glory (1950) by Frank Hardy
Recommendation images
Australian broad literature guide edit march 2017.jpg

Austria.png Austria

Essential works
Indian Summer.jpg
Indian Summer
by Adalbert Stifter
The Man Without Qualities.jpg
The Man Without Qualities
by Robert Musil
Chess Story.jpg
Chess Story
by Stefan Zweig
The Death of Virgil.jpg
The Death of Virgil
by Hermann Broch
The Loser.jpg
The Loser
by Thomas Bernhard
Further recommendations
Rock Crystal (1845) by Adalbert Stifter
Round Dance and Other Plays (1897) by Arthur Schnitzler
The Confusions of Young Törless (1906) by Robert Musil
The Other Side (1909) by Alfred Kubin
Dream Story (1926) by Arthur Schnitzler
Beware of Pity (1939) by Stefan Zweig
The World of Yesterday (1942) by Stefan Zweig
An Ermine in Czernopol (1958) by Gregor von Rezzori
The Wall (1963) by Marlen Haushofer
The Head of Vitus Bering (1965) by Konrad Bayer
Selected Works (1966) by Konrad Bayer
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams (1972) by Peter Handke
Memoirs of an Anti-Semite (1979) by Gregor von Rezzori
Woodcutters (1984) by Thomas Bernhard

Belgium.png Belgium

Essential works
The Sorrow of Belgium.jpg
The Sorrow of Belgium
by Hugo Claus
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Further recommendations
Three Novels: Soft Soap, The Leg, Will O' the Wisp by Willem Elsschot
Cheese (1933) by Willem Elsschot
Occupied City (1921) by Paul van Ostaijen
The signal (1918) by Paul van Ostaijen
The Sign of the Hamster (1964) by Hugo claus
Problemski Hotel (2003) by Dimitri Verhulst
The Misfortunates (2006) by Dimitri Verhulst
Strangers Should Not Whisper (1945) by Marnix Gijsen
Elias, or the struggle with the nightingalesl (1936) by Maurice Gilliams
The bottle at sea. The complete poems by Maurice Gilliams
Tempo di Roma by Alexis Curvers
Pedigree by Georges Simenon
The Strange Case of Peter the Lett (Maigret series) by Georges Simenon
Thousand Times Broken, Three Books by Henri Michaux

China.png China

Essential works
Three Kingdoms.jpg
Three Kingdoms
(14th century)
by Luo Guanzhong
The Story of the Stone.jpg
Story of the Stone
(18th century)
by Cao Xueqin
Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.jpg
Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio
by Pu Songling
The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China.jpg
The Real Story of Ah Q
by Lu Xun
Camel Xiangzi.jpg
Camel Xiangzi
by Lao She
Further recommendations
Classic The Dragon King's Daughter (Tang dynasty) by
Six Yuan Plays (Yuan dynasty) by
Outlaws of the Marsh (14th century) by Shi Nai'an
The Story of the Western Wing (14th century) by Wang Shifu
Journey to the West (16th century) by Wu Cheng'en
Creation of the Gods (16th century) by Xu Zhonglin
The Peony Pavilion (1598) by Tang Xianzu
Stories Old and New (1620) by Feng Menglong
The Plum in the Golden Vase (17th century) by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng
The Carnal Prayer Mat (1657) by Li Yu
The Scholars (1750) by Wu Jingzi
Six Records of a Floating Life (1808) by Shen Fu
Modern Wild Grass (1927) by Lu Xun
Rainbow (1930) by Mao Dun
Family (1933) Ba Jin
Border Town (1934) by Shen Congwen
Selected Stories by Shen Congwen
My Country and My People (1935) by Lin Yutang
The Importance of Living (1937) by Lin Yutang
Love in a Fallen City (1945) by Eileen Chang
Fortress Besieged (1947) by Qian Zhongshu
Teahouse (1957) by Lao She
The Three-Inch Golden Lotus (1985) by Feng Jicai
Waves (1985) by Bei Dao
Red Sorghum (1987) by Mo Yan
The August Sleepwalker (1988) by Bei Dao
The King of Trees (1990) by Ah Cheng
Soul Mountain (1990) by Gao Xingjian
To Live (1993) by Yu Hua
Five Spice Street (2003) by Can Xue
Brothers (2005) by Yu Hua
Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (2006) by Mo Yan
Vertical Motion (2011) by Can Xue
Recommendation images
3ro5q.jpg 1319910862194.jpg 1319910950855.jpg 1344669226400.png

Canadian.png Canada

Essential works
Montgomery Anne of Green Gables.jpg
Anne of Green Gables
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Sunshine sketches.jpg
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
by Stephen Leacock
The Handmaids Tale.jpg
The Handmaid's Tale
by Margaret Atwood
Dance of the happy shades.jpg
Dance of the Happy Shades
by Alice Munro
Flint and feather.jpg
Flint and Feather
by Pauline Johnson
Further recommendations
Anglophone Fifth Business (1970) by Robertson Davies
The Golden Dog (1872) by William Kirby
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974) by Mordecai Richler
The Wars (1977) by Timothy Findley
Beautiful Losers (1966) by Leonard Cohen
Klee Wyck (1941) by Emily Carr
Three Day Road (2005) by Joseph Boyden
Life of Pi (2001) by Yann Martel

Czech.png Czech Republic

Essential works
by Karel Hynek Macha
The Good Soldier Svejk.jpg
The Good Soldier Svejk
by Jaroslav Hasek
Three Novels.jpg
Three Novels
by Karel Capek
I Served the King of England.jpg
I Served the King of England
by Bohumil Hrabal
The Unbearable Lightness of Being.jpg
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
by Milan Kundera
Further recommendations
Pre-WW2 The Sorrowful Eyes ( ) by Ivan Olbracht
Hidden History ( ) by Otokar Brezina
The Grandmother ( ) by Bozena Nemcova
The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch ( ) by Ladislav Klima
R.U.R. ( ) by Karel Capek
War With the Newts ( ) by Karel Capek
Antilyrik & Other Poems ( ) by Vitezslav Nezval
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders ( ) by Vitezslav Nezval
Prague Tales ( ) by Jan Neruda
The Arsonist ( ) by Egon Hostovsky
The Poetry ( ) of Jaroslav Seifert
Vanishing Lung Syndrome ( ) by Miroslav Holub
Narrative Poems ( ) by Vladimir Holan
Dreams at the End of the Night ( ) by Ewald Murrer
How I Came to Know Fish ( ) by Ota Pavel
Fingers Pointing Somewhere Else ( ) by Daniela Fischerova
White Book ( ) by Pavel Kohout
Saturnin ( ) by Zdenek Jirotka
Summer of Caprice ( ) by Vadislav Vancura
Post-WW2 Closely Watched Trains ( ) Bohumil Hrabal
Too Loud a Solitude ( ) by Bohumil Hrabal
Love and Garbage ( ) by Ivan Klima
Immortality ( ) by Milan Kundera
The Garden Party and Other Plays ( ) by Vaclav Havel
The Questionnaire ( ) by Jiri Grusa
The Guinea Pigs ( ) by Ludvik Vaculik
The Cremator (1967) by Ladislav Fuks
A Prayer for Katerina Horovitzova ( ) by Arnost Lustig
A Bohemian Youth ( ) by Josef Hirsal
City Sister Silver ( ) by Jachym Topol
The Engineer of Human Souls ( ) by Josef Skvorecky
The Other City ( ) by Michal Ajvaz
Europeana ( ) by Patrik Ourednik
The Seven Churches ( ) by Milos Urban
Of Kids & Parents ( ) by Emil Hakl
German-language The Golem ( ) by Gustav Meyrink
The Green Face ( ) by Gustav Meyrink
The Trial ( ) by Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis ( ) by Franz Kafka
A Hunger Artist ( ) by Franz Kafka
Blaugast ( ) by Paul Leppin
Severin’s Journey into the Dark ( ) by Paul Leppin
The Raging Reporter ( ) by Egon Erwin Kisch
Tycho Brahe’s Path to God ( ) by Max Brod
The Maimed ( ) by Hermann Ungar
Boys & Murderers ( ) by Hermann Ungar
The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge ( ) by Rainer Maria Rilke
The Selected Poetry ( ) of Rainer Maria Rilke
Recommendation images
Czech literature.jpg

England.png United Kingdom and Ireland

Essential works
The Canterbury Tales.jpg
The Canterbury Tales
(14th century)
by Geoffrey Chaucer
The Complete Works of Shakespears.jpg
The Complete Works
of William Shakespeare
Paradise Lost.jpg
Paradise Lost
by John Milton
The Collected Poems of Wordsworth.jpg
The Collected Poems
of William Wordsworth
The Collected Poems of Yeats.jpg
The Collected Poems
of W.B. Yeats
Further recommendations
Classic Beowulf (10th century)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (14th century)
Le Morte D'Arthur (1485) by Sir Thomas Malory
Utopia (1516) by Thomas More
The Complete Plays of Christopher Marlowe
The Faerie Queene (1590) by Edmund Spenser
Plays and Masques by Ben Jonson
the Duchess of Malfi (1612) by John Webster
The Pilgrim's Progress (1678) by John Bunyan
Robinson Crusoe (1719) by Daniel Defoe
Gulliver's Travels (1735) by Jonathan Swift
Tom Jones (1749) by Henry Fielding
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (1759) by Laurence Sterne
The Vicar of Wakefield (1766) by Oliver Goldsmith
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1793) by William Blake
19th Century Pride and Prejudice (1813) by Jane Austen
Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley
Ivanhoe (1820) by Sir Walter Scott
Don Juan (1821) by Lord Byron
Sartor Resartus (1833) by Thomas Carlyle
Jane Eyre (1847) by Charlotte Bronte
Wuthering Heights (1847) Emily Bronte
Vanity Fair (1848) by William Makepeace Thackeray
Bleak House (1853) by Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens
Middlemarch (1872) by George Eliot
Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) by Thomas Hardy
The Way We Live Now (1879) by Anthony Trollope
Idylls of the King (1885) by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Collected Works of Robert Louis Stevenson
Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker
The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde
Modern Lord Jim (1900) by Joseph Conrad
Kim (1900) by Rudyard Kipling
The Way of All Flesh (1903) by Samuel Butler
The Man Who Was Thursday (1908) by G.K. Chesterton
Sons and Lovers (1913) by D.H. Lawrence
Of Human Bondage (1915) by W. Somerset Maugham
The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A Passage to India (1924) by E.M. Forster
To the Lighthouse (1927) by Virginia Woolf
Flashman (1969) by George MacDonald Fraser
The Collected Plays by George Bernard Shaw
Recommendation images
Britishirish2.jpg Shakespeare.jpg Chesterton's fiction.jpg

France.png France

Essential works
Fleurs-du-mal titel.jpg

Flowers of Evil
by Charles Baudelaire

The Human Comedy
by Honoré de Balzac
Remembrance of Things Past.jpg
In Search of Lost Time
by Marcel Proust
Memoirs of Hadrian.jpg
Memoirs of Hadrian
by Marguerite Yourcenar
Madame Bovary.jpg

Madame Bovary
by Gustave Flaubert
Further recommendations
The Temptation of Saint Antony (1895) by Gustave Flaubert
Journey to the End of the Night (1932) by Louis-Ferdinand Céline
The Stranger ( ) by Albert Camus
The Count of Monte Cristo ( ) by Alexander Dumas
Nausea ( ) by Jean-Paul Sartre
The Lost Estate (1913) by Alain-Fournier
The Red and the Black ( ) by Stendhal
Nadja ( ) by Andre Breton
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ( ) by Jules Verne
Miserable Miracle ( ) by Henri Michaux
Atomised ( ) by Michel Houellebecq
Confessions ( ) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Le Petit Prince ( ) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Candide ( ) by Voltaire
The Lover ( ) by Marguerite Duras
Froth on the Daydream ( ) by Boris Vian
Germinal ( ) by Emile Zola
Les Miserables ( ) by Victor Hugo
Recommendation images

Germany.png Germany

German Literature Download
Essential works
by Goethe
Thus Spake Zarathustra.jpg
Thus Spake Zarathustra
by Friedrich Nietzsche
The Magic Mountain.jpg
The Magic Mountain
by Thomas Mann
The Man Without Qualities.jpg
The Man Without Qualities
by Robert Musil
The Tin Drum.gif
The Tin Drum
by Gunter Grass
Further recommendations
Classic The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The Robbers and Wallenstein (1781) by Friedrich Schiller
the Marquise of O and Other Stories (1808) by Heinrich von Kleist
The Broken Jug (1806) by Heinrich von Kleist
Danon's Death (1835) George Buchner
The Rider on the White Horse (1888) by Theodor Storm
Effi Briest (1895) by Theodor Fontane
Modern Buddenbrooks (1901) by Thomas Mann
The Loyal Subject (1914) by Heinrich Mann
The Metamorphosis (1915) by Franz Kafka
The Trial (1925) by Franz Kafka
The Castle (1926) by Franz Kafka
Siddhartha (1922) by Hermann Hesse
Steppenwolf (1927) by Hermann Hesse
Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929) by Alfred Doblin
The Visit (1956) by Friedrich Durrenmatt
The Physicists (1961) by Friedrich Durrenmatt
The Flounder (1977) by Gunter Grass
Cassandra (1984) Christa Wolf
Perfume (1985) by Patrick Suskind
The Last World (1988) by Christoph Ransmayr
Recommendation images
German20.jpg Kafka flowchart.jpg

Greece.png Greece

Essential works
Further recommendations
1410622362089.jpg 1410622743798.jpg Start with greeks2.jpg

Hungary.png Hungary

Essential works
The Tragedy of Man.jpg
The Tragedy of Man
by Imre Madach
Be Faithful Unto Death .jpg
Be Faithful Unto Death
by Zsigmond Moricz
Anna Edes .jpg
Anna Edes
by Dezso Kosztolanyi
Journey by Moonlight.jpg
Journey by Moonlight
by Antal Szerb
The Melancholy of Resistance .jpg
The Melancholy of Resistance
by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Further recommendations
Classic Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (1899) by Geza Gardonyi
A láthatatlan ember (1901) by Geza Gardonyi
A kőszivű ember fiai (1869) by Mór Jókai
The Dark Diamonds (1872) by Mór Jókai
János vitéz (1845) by Sándor Petőfi
Szent Péter esernyője (1895) by Kálmán Mikszáth
Bánk Bán (1819) by József Katona
Modern Adventures of Sindbad (1911) by Gyula Krudy
Tóték (1967) by István Örkény
Egyperces novellák (1969) by István Örkény
The Paul Street Boys (1907) by Ferenc Molnár
Harmonia Caelestis (1994) by Peter Esterhazy
The Door (1987) by Magda Szabo
A Journey Round My Skull (1939) by Frigyes Karinthy
Metropole (1970) by Ferenc Karinthy
The End of a Family Story (1977) by Peter Nadas
The Transylvania Trilogy (1940) by Miklos Banffy
Egy elmebeteg nő naplója (1978) by Geza Csath
Opium and Other Stories (1980) by Geza Csath
Embers (1942) by Sándor Márai
Képzelt riport egy amerikai popfesztiválról (1971) by Tibor Dery
The Case Worker (1969) by György Konrád
Tranquility (2001) by Attila Bartis
Colours and Years (1912) by Magrit Kaffka
In Praise of Older Women (1966) by Stephen Vizinczey
Darkness at Noon (1940) by Arthur Koestler
A halál kilovagolt Perzsiából (1979) by Péter Hajnóczy
A bogyósgyümölcskertész fia (2010) by János Háy

Iceland.png Iceland

Essential works
The Eddas.jpg
The Eddas
(13th century)
by Snorri Sturluson
Njals Saga.jpg
Njal's Saga
(13th century)
Laxdaela Saga.jpg
Laxdaela Saga
(13th century)
Independent People.jpg
Independent People
by Halldór Laxness

( )
Further recommendations
Classic Egil's saga (12th century)
King Harald's Saga (1230) by Snorri Sturluson
Eyrbyggja Saga (13th century)
The Saga of Grettir the Strong (13th century)
The Saga of the Jomsvikings (13th century)
The Saga of the Volsungs (13th century)
The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki (1400)
Modern The Good Shepard (1940) by Gunnar Gunnarson
The Fish Can Sing (1957) by Halldor Laxness
Justice Undone (1986) by Thor Vilhjalmsson
The Swan (1991) by Gudbergur Bergsson
Angels of the Universe (1993) by Einar Mar Gudmundsson
The Journey Home (1999) by Olaf Olafsson
The Blue Fox (2003) by Sjon
Stone Tree (2005) by Gyir Eliasson
Recommendation images

Middle East

Iranian Literature Download
Essential works
The Conference of the Birds.JPG
The Conference of the Birds
(12th century)
by Farid ud-Din Attar
The Rubaiyat.jpg
The Rubaiyat
(12th century)
of Omar Khayyam
The Essential Rumi.jpg
The Essential Works
(13th century)
by Rumi
The Divan-i
(14th century)
of Hafiz
The Blind Owl.jpg
The Blind Owl
by Sadegh Hedayat
Further recommendations
Classical Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings (~1000)
Vis and Ramin (11th century) by Asad Gorgani
The Secret of Laughter: Magical Tales from Classical Persia edited by Shusha Guppy
Haft Paykar (1197) by Nizami Ganjavi
Borrowed Ware: Medieval Persian Epigrams edited by Dick Davis
The Rose Garden (1259) by Sa'di
Modern Three Drops of Blood (1932) by Sadegh Hedayat
The Patient Stone (1967) by Sadeq Chubak
The Little Black Fish and Other Modern Persian Stories (1968) by Samad Behrangi
Missing Soluch (1979) by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi
Women Without Men (1990) by Shahrnush Parsipur
Untranslated Garshaspnama (11th century) by Asadi Tusi
Chosrow and Shirin (1180) by Nizami Ganjavi
Tutinama: Tales of a Parrot (14th century)
1001 Days (1712) by Francois Petis de la Croix
Recommendation images
Persian lit.jpg

Italy.png Italy

Italian Literature Download
Essential works
Divine Comedy.jpg
Divine Comedy
by Dante Alighieri
The Decameron.jpg
The Decameron
by Giovanni Boccaccio
Zeno's Conscience.jpg
Zeno's Conscience
by Italo Svevo
That Awful Mess.jpg
That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana
by Carlo Emilio Gadda
The Leopard.jpg
The Leopard
by Tomasi di Lampedusa
Further recommendations
Classic The Consolation of Philosophy (524) by Boethius
Golden Legend (1260) by Jacobus de Voragine
The Travels (13th century) of Marco Polo
Il Canzoniere (1374) by Petrarch
The Prince (1513) by Niccolò Machiavelli
The Book of the Courtier (1528) by Baldassare Castiglione
Orlando Furioso (1532) by Ludovico Ariosto
The Autobiography (1563) of Benvenuto Cellini
Lives of the Artists (1568) by Giorgio Vasari
Jerusalem Delivered (1581) by Torquato Tasso
Selected Poems and Letters by Michelangelo
The Memoirs (1774) of Giacomo Casanova
The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis (1817) by Ugo Foscolo
The Betrothed (1827) by Alessandro Manzoni
Canti (1837) by Giacomo Leopardi
The Life (1849) of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Cavalleria Rusticana and Other Stories (1880) by Giovanni Verga
Modern The Year 3,000: A Dream (1897) by Paolo Mantegazza
Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem (1900) by Emilio Salgari
Francesca da Rimini (1901) by Gabriele d'Annunzio
Elias Portolu (1903) by Grazia Deledda
The Late Mattia Pascal (1904) by Luigi Pirandello
Captain Blood (1922) by Rafael Sabatini
Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921) by Luigi Pirandello
Cuttlefish Bones (1925) by Eugenio Montale
Revolt Against the Modern World (1934) by Julius Evola
the Tartar Steppe (1940) by Dino Buzzati
Christ Stopped at Eboli (1945) by Carlo Levi
The Moon and the Bonfires (1949) by Cesare Pavese
Contempt (1954) by Alberto Moravia
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1962) by Giorgio Bassani
Family Sayings (1967) by Natalia Ginzburg
Equal Danger (1971) by Leonardo Sciascia
Invisible Cities (1972) by Italo Calvino
The Periodic Table (1975) by Primo Levi
Foucault's Pendulum (1988) by Umberto Eco
Q (1999) by Luther Blissett
Love-Shaped Story (2002) by Tommaso Pincio
Recommendation images
Italian List Small.jpg Italo calvino guide.jpg

Japan.png Japan

Japanese Literature Download
Essential works
The Tale of Genji.jpg
The Tale of Genji
(11th century)
by Murasaki Shikibu
by Natsume Soseki
Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories.jpg
by Akutagawa
by Junichiro Tanizaki
Snow Country.jpg
Snow Country
by Yasunari Kawabata
Further recommendations
Classical Literature (until 1600's) The Gossamer Years (974) by Mother of Michitsuna
The Pillow Book (1002) by Sei Shonagon
The Tales of Ise by Anonymous
Hojoki (1212) by Kamo no Chomei
Essays in Idleness (1330) by Yoshida Kenko
The Tale of Heike (1371) by Anonymous
Edo Period (1603-1868) The Life of an Amorous Woman (1686) by Saikaku Ihara
Hagakure: the Book of the Samurai (1716) by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Four Major Plays (~1720) by Chikamatsu Monzaemon
Chushingura (1748) by Takedo Izumo, Miyoshi Shoraku, Namiki Senryuu
Tales of Moonlight and Rain (1776) by Ueda Akinari
Modern Literature (1868-1945) Ukigumo (1887) by Futabatei Shimei
Pagoda, Skull and Samurai (1889) by Koda Rohan
In the Shade of Spring Leaves (1892-6) by Higuchi Ichiyo
Japanese Gothic Tales (1900) by Izumi Kyoka
The Broken Commandment (1906) by Toson Shimazaki
The Quilt and Other Stories (1907) by Katai Tayama
The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa (1924) by Kenji Miyazawa
Botchan (1906) by Natsume Soseki
I Am a Cat (1905) by Natsume Soseki
The Wild Geese (1913) by Mori Ogai
The Paper Door and Other Stories (1927) by Shiga Naoya
During the Rain & Flowers in the Shade (1930) by Kafu Nagai
Musashi (1935) by Eiji Yoshikawa
The Makioka Sisters (1943) by Junichiro Tanizaki
Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1940) by Edogawa Ranpo
Post War (1946-present) The Counterfeiter and Other Stories by Yasushi Inou
Palm-of-the-Hand Stories by Yasunari Kawabata
The Master of Go (1954) by Yasunari Kawabata
The Setting Sun (1947) by Osamu Dazai
Fires on the Plain (1951) by Shohei Ooka
The Waiting Years (1957) by Fumiko Enchi
Confessions of a Mask (1948) by Yukio Mishima
The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (1956) by Yukio Mishima
Spring Snow (1963) by Yukio Mishima
Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids (1958) by Kenzaburo Oe
A Personal Matter (1964) by Kenzaburo Oe
Black Rain (1966) by Masuji Ibuse
The Box Man (1973) by Kobo Abe
The Woman in the Dunes (1962) by Kobo Abe
Silence (1966) by Shusaku Endo
The Samurai (1980) by Shusaku Endo
The Twilight Years (1972) by Sawako Ariyoshi
Almost Transparent Blue (1976) by Ryu Murakami
Kitchen (1988) by Banana Yoshimoto
Norwegian Wood (1987) by Haruki Murakami
The Elephant Vanishes (1991) by Haruki Murakami
The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (1995) by Haruki Murakami
Kafka on the Shore (2002) by Haruki Murakami
The Housekeeper and the Professor (2003) by Yoko Ogawa
Recommendation images
1276577235824.jpg 1298503721666.jpg Yukio mishima.jpg Murakami guide fuuuu.jpg Natsume Soseki.png
Japan 6.jpg

South Korea.png Korea

Essential works
The Cloud Dream of Nine.jpg
The Cloud Dream of the Nine
(17th century)
Kim Manjung
Three Generations.jpg
Three Generations
by Yom Sang-seop
Ten Thousand Lives.jpg
Ten Thousand Lives
by Ko Un
by Park Kyong-Ni
Our Twisted Hero.jpg
Our Twisted Hero
by Yi Munyol
Further recommendations
The Bamboo Grove: An Introduction to Sijo edited by Richard Rutt
Samguk Yusa (13th century) by Iryeon
Virtuous Women: Three Classic Korean Novels
The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong (18th century) by Lady Hyegyeong
On Wonso Pond (1930s) by Kang Kyeong-ae
The Wings (1930s) by Yi Sang
The Naked Tree (1970) by Park Wan-suh
The Other Side of Dark Remembrance (1979) by Lee Kyun-young
The Poet (1992) by Yi Munyol
Who Ate up All the Shinga (1995) by Park Wan-suh
I Have the Right to Destroy Myself (1996) by Kim Young-ha
Contradictions (1998) by Yang Gui-ja
The Guest (2002) by Hwang Sok-yong

Latin America

The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll.jpg
The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll
by Alvaro Mutis
One Hundred Years of Solitude.jpg
One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel García Márquez
The Black Sheep and Other Fables.jpg
The Black Sheep and Other Fables
by Augusto Monterroso

( )

( )
Further recommendations
Brazil The Devil to Pay in the Backlands (1956) by João Guimarães Rosa
The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas (1881) by Machado de Assis
Dom Casmurro (1899) by Machado de Assis
Colombia Our Lady of the Assassins (1994) by Fernando Vallejo
by Alvaro Mutis
by Fernando Gonzales
by Andres Caicedo
by Gonzalo Arango
by Hernando Tellez
Ecuador Seven Serpents and Seven Moons (1970) by Demetrio Aguilera Malta
Don Goyo (1933) by Demetrio Aguilera Malta
Guatemala The President (1946) by Miguel Angel Asturias
Men of Maize (1949) by Miguel Angel Asturias
Paraguay ( ) by Augusto Roa Bastos
( ) by Roque Vallejos
( ) by José Ricardo Mazó
Puerto Rico ( ) by Rosario Ferre
( ) by Miguel Piñero
( ) by Luis Rafael Sánchez
Salvador ( ) by Horacio Castellanos Moya
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Mexico.png Mexico

Mexican Literature Download
Essential works
Cantares Mexicanos.jpg
Cantares Mexicanos
(16th century)
Poems Protest and a Dream.jpg
Poems, Protest, and a Dream
by Sor Juana
Confabulario and Other Inventions
by Juan Jose Arreola
Pedro Paramo.jpg
Pedro Páramo
by Juan Rulfo
The Death of Artemio Cruz.jpg
The Death of Artemio Cruz
by Carlos Fuentes
Further recommendations
Translated Florentine Codex ( )
The Broken Spears ( ) Miguel Leon-Portilla
The History of the Indies of New Spain ( ) by Fray Diego Duran
The Memoirs ( ) of Fray Servando Teresa de Mier
The Bandits from Rio Frio ( ) by Manuel Payno
El Zarco ( ) by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano
Santa ( ) by Federico Gamboa
Anthology ( ) by Alfonso Reyes
Song of the Heart: Poems ( ) by Ramon Lopez Velarde
Nostalgia for Death: Poetry ( ) by Xavier Villaurrutia
The Underdogs ( ) by Mariano Azuela
The Burning Plain and Other Stories ( ) by Juan Rulfo
The Labyrinth of Solitude ( ) by Octavio Paz
Battles in the Desert & Other Stories ( ) by Jose Emilio Pacheco
Like Water for Chocolate ( ) by Laura Esquivel
Untranslated Comedias Escogidas ( ) by D. Juan Ruiz de Alarcon
Los Relampagos de Agosto ( ) by Jorge Ibarguengoitia
Muerte sin fin ( ) by Jose Gorostiza
Los Dias Terrenales ( ) by Jose Revueltas
Farabeuf ( ) by Salvador Elizondo
Los Cuervos Estan de Luto ( ) by Hugo Arguelles
Cronica de la Intervencion ( ) by Juan Garcia Ponce
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Netherlands.png Netherlands

Essential works
Max Havelaar
by Multatuli
Amsterdam Stories.jpg
Amsterdam Stories
by Nescio
Beyond Sleep.jpg
Beyond Sleep
by Willem Hermans
Parents Worry.jpg
Parents Worry
by Gerard Reve
The Discovery of Heaven.jpg
The Discovery of Heaven
by Harry Mulisch
Further recommendations
Classic In Praise of Folly (1511) by Erasmus
Lucifer (1654) by Joost van den Vondel
Eline Vere (1889) by Louis Couperus
The Letters (1890) of Vincent van Gogh
A Posthumous Confession (1894) by Marcellus Emants
Modern The Waning of the Middle Ages (1919) by J. Huizinga
Cheese (1933) by Willem Elsschot
Character (1938) by F. Bordewijk
In a Dark Wood Wandering (1949) by Hella S. Haasse
Chapel Road (1953) by Louis Paul Boon
The Ten Thousand Things (1955) by Maria Dermout
The Darkroom of Damocles (1958) by Willem Frederik Hermans
Wonder (1962) by Hugo Claus
I Dreamed in the Cities at Night by Remco Campert
Turkish Delight (1969) by Jan Wolkers
Out of Mind (1984) by J. Bernlef
The Assault (1982) by H. Mulisch
The Following Story (1991) by Cees Nooteboom
Omega Minor (2004) by Paul Verhaeghen
Tomorrow Pamplona (2007) by Jan van Mersbergen
The Twin (2008) by Gerbrand Bakker
Untranslated Camera Obscura (1851) by Hildebrand
De Stille Kracht (1900) by Louis Couperus
Van De Koele Meren des Doods (1900) by Frederik van Eeden
De Avonden (1947) by Gerard Reve
Het land achter Gods rug (1956) by A. den Doolaard
Terug naar Oegstgeest (1965) by Jan Wolkers
Recommendation images
Dutch lit.jpg


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No.png Norway

Essential works
A Doll's House
by Henrik Ibsen
The Wild Duck
by Henrik Ibsen
by Knut Hamsun
Growth of the Soil
by Knut Hamsun
The wreath.jpg
Kristin Lavransdatter
by Sigrid Undset
Further recommendations
Classic Brand (1866) by Henrik Ibsen
Hedda Gabler (1891) by Henrik Ibsen
Pan (1894) by Knut Hamsun
Modern One Day in October (1931) by Sigurd Hoel
The Seed (1940) by Tarjei Vesaas
Contemporary Beatles (1984) by Lars Saabye Christensen
Shyness and Dignity (1994) by Dag Solstad
Naïve. Super (1996) by Erlend Loe
Out Stealing Horses (2003) by Per Petterson


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Poland.png Poland

Essential works
Pan Tadeusz.jpg
Pan Tadeusz
by Adam Mickiewicz
The Doll .jpg
The Doll
by Bolesław Prus
The Street of Crocodiles.jpg
The Street of Crocodiles
by Bruno Schulz
by Witold Gombrowicz
New and Collected Poems.jpg
New and Collected Poems
by Czesław Milosz
Further recommendations
Classic Laments (1580) by Jan Kochanowski
Fables and Parables (1779) by Ignacy Krasicki
Quo Vadis (1895 ) by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Modern ( ) by Tadeusz Konwicki
( ) by Andrzej Stasiuk
( ) by Wisława Szymborska
Primeval and other times(2005) by Olga Tokarczuk
( ) by Stanisław Lem
( ) by Adam Zagajewski
( ) by Zbigniew Herbert
( ) by Stefan Grabiński
( ) by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
( ) by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz
The Elephant(1957) by Sławomir Mrożek
( ) by Ewa Lipska
( ) by Jerzy Ficowski
( ) by Stefan żeromski
( ) by Anna Swir
( ) by Juliusz Słowacki
( ) by Gustaw Herling

Portugal.png Portugal

Essential works
The Lusiadas.jpg
The Lusiadas
Luís Vaz de Camões
The Tragedy of the Street of Flowers.jpg
The Tragedy of the Street of Flowers
by Eça de Queiroz
The Book of Disquiet.jpg
The Book of Disquiet
by Fernando Pessoa
The Great Shadow.jpg
The Great Shadow and Other Stories
by Mário de Sá-Carneiro

Further recommendations
by António Lobo Antunes
by José Saramago

Serbia-Flag.png Serbia

Essential works
41gzaXuFDBL. SX310 BO1,204,203,200 .jpg
The Mountain Wreath
by Petar II Petrović-Njegoš
by Miloš Crnjanski
The Bridge on the Drina(1945)
by Ivo Andrić
Death and the Dervish
by Meša Selimović
A Tomb for Boris Davidovich
by Danilo Kiš
Further recommendations
The Ray of the Microcosm (1845) by Petar II Petrović-Njegoš
Impure Blood (1910) by Borisav Stanković
The Journal of Čarnojević (1920) by Miloš Crnjanski
Bosnian Chronicle (1945) by Ivo Andrić
Koreni (1954) by Dobrica Ćosić
The Damned Yard (1954) by Ivo Andrić
The Sixth Day (1961) by Rastko Petrović
The Fortress (1970) by Meša Selimović
The Use of Man (1976) by Aleksandar Tišma
Rabies (1983) by Borislav Pekić
The Encyclopedia of the Dead (1983) by Danilo Kiš
Dictionary of the Khazars (1984) by Milorad Pavić
The Cyclist Conspiracy (1987) by Svetislav Basara

Spain.png Spain

Essential works
The Poem of the Cid.jpg
The Poem of the Cid
Don Quixote.jpg
Don Quixote
by Miguel de Cervantes
Abel Sanchez.jpg
Abel Sanchez
by Miguel de Unamuno
Collected Poems of Lorca.jpg
Collected Poems
by Federico Garcia Lorca
The Family of Pascual Duarte.jpg
The Family of Pascual Duarte
by Camilo Jose Cela
Further recommendations
Lazarillo de Tormes (1556)
The Truth about the Savolta Case by Eduardo Mendoza Garriga
Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega
Rhymes and Legends by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
Últimas tardes con Teresa by Juan Marse
Tu rostro mañana by Javier Marías
Count Julian by Juan Goyitsolo
Dublinescas by Enrique Vila-Matas
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Catalan recommendations
by Santiago Rusiñol
by Salvador Espriu
by Miquel Bauca
by Maria Barbal
by Josep Carner

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Russia.png Russia

Russian Literature Download
Essential works
A Hero of Our Time.jpg
A Hero of Our time
by Mikhail Lermontov
War and Peace.jpg
War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
The Brothers Karamazov.jpg
The Brothers Karamazov
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Plays of Anton Chekhov.jpg
The Plays of Anton Chekhov
by Anton Chekhov
The Master and Margarita.jpg
The Master and Margarita
by Mikhail Bulgakov
Further recommendations
19th Century Woe from Wit (1823) by Aleksandr Griboyedov
Dead Souls (1842) by Nikolai Gogol
Diary of a Madman and Other Stories (1842) by Nikolai Gogol
Sketches From a Hunter's Album (1852) by Ivan Turgenev
Oblomov (1859) by Ivan Goncharov
Fathers and Sons (1862) by Ivan Turgenev
Crime and Punishment (1866) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Notes From Underground (1864) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Lady McBeth of Mtsensk and Other Stories (1865) by Nikolai Leskov
The Idiot (1869) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Demons (1872) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Golovlyov Family (1876) by Mikhail Saltykov
Great Short Works of Leo Tolstoy by Leo Tolstoy
Anna Karenina (1877) by Leo Tolstoy
The Collected Stories by Anton Chekhov
The Collected Stories by Alexander Pushkin
20th Century Petersburg (1913) by Andrei Bely
We (1921) by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Heart of a Dog (1925) by Mikhail Bulgakov
Envy (1927) by Yuri Olesha
The Foundation Pit (1930) by Andrey Platonov
Quiet Flows the Don (1934) by Mikhail Sholokhov
Invitation to a Beheading (1936) by Vladimir Nabokov
The Complete Works by Isaac Babel
Today I Wrote Nothing by Daniil Kharms
The Collected Stories by Ivan Bunin
Doctor Zhivago (1957) by Boris Pasternak
Life and Fate (1959) by Vasily Grossman
A School for Fools (1960s) by Sasha Sokolov
Roadside Picnic (1971) by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky
Kolyma Tales (1954-73) by Varlam Shalamov
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South Africa.png South Africa

Essential works
I Write What I Like.jpg
I Write What I Like
by Steve Biko
Waiting for the Barbarians.jpg
Waiting for the Barbarians
by J.M. Coetzee

July's People
by Nadine Gordimer

Ways of Dying.jpg
Ways of Dying
by Zakes Mda
by J.M. Coetzee
Further recommendations
Contemporary The Way of the Women (2004) by Marlene van Niekerk
Portrait with Keys (2006) by Ivan Vladislavic
Zoo City (2010) by Lauren Beukes


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United States.png United States

American Literature Download
Essential works
Moby Dick.jpg
Moby Dick
by Herman Melville
Leaves of Grass.jpg
Leaves of Grass
by Walt Whitman
The Sound and the Fury.jpg
The Sound and the Fury
by William Faulkner
East of Eden.jpg
East of Eden
by John Steinbeck
Gravity's Rainbow.jpg
Gravity's Rainbow
by Thomas Pynchon
Further recommendations
Short Story Collections Twice Told Tales (1837) by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Collected Works (1849) by Edgar Allen Poe
Billy Budd and the Piazza Tales (1888) by Herman Melville
Collected Short Stories (1910) by Mark Twain
Maggie and Other Stories (1900) by Stephen Crane
Flappers and Philosophers (1920) by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Tales (1937) of H.P. Lovecraft
Death in the Woods and Other Stories (1941) by Sherwood Anderson
Collected Short Works (1961) by Ernest Hemingway
The Stories (1982) of John Cheever
Where I'm Calling From (1988) by Raymond Carver
Poetry Collections The Poetry (1886) of Emily Dickinson
The Waste Land and Other Poems (1922) by T.S. Eliot
Harmonium (1923) by Wallace Stevens
The Bridge (1930) by Hart Crane
Howl and Other Poems (1955) by Allen Ginsberg
Selected Poems (1962) by Robinson Jeffers
Collected Poems (1963) by Robert Frost
Collected Poems Vol.1 & 2 (1963) by William Carlos Williams
Collected Poems (1987) by John Ashbery
Plays Complete Plays by Eugene O'Neill
Our Town (1938) by Thornton Wilder
Death of a Salesman (1949) by Arthur Miller
Plays 1937-1955 (1955) by Tennessee Williams
The Collected Plays of Edward Albee
Buried Child (1978) by Sam Shepard
Fences (1985) by August Wilson
Angels in America (1993) by Tony Kushner
Others The Last of the Mohicans (1826) by Fenimore Cooper
The Scarlet Letter (1850) by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The American (1877) by Henry James
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) by Mark Twain
The Red Badge of Courage (1895) by Stephen Crane
The Turn of the Screw (1898) by Henry James
The Awakening (1899) by Kate Chopin
The Call of the Wild (1903) by Jack London
Three Lives (1909) by Gertrude Stein
My Antonia (1918) by Willa Cather
The Age of Innocence (1920) by Edith Wharton
Main Street (1920) by Sinclair Lewis
Babbit (1922) by Sinclair Lewis
The Great Gatsby (1925) by F. Scott Fitzgerald
An American Tragedy (1925) by Theodore Dreiser
The Sun Also Rises (1926) by Ernest Hemingway
Tropic of Cancer (1934) by Henry Miller
Appointment in Samrra (1934) by John O'Hara
Absalom, Absalom! (1936) by William Faulkner
The Grapes of Wrath (1939) by John Steinbeck
The Day of the Locust (1939) by Nathanael 'West
The Big Sleep (1939) by Raymond Chandler
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940) by Ernest Hemingway
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940) by Carson McCullers
All the King's Men (1946) by Robert Penn Warren
The Catcher in the Rye (1951) by J.D. Salinger
On the Road (1951) by Jack Kerouac
Fahrenheit 451 (1953) by Ray Bradbury
The Recognitions (1955) by William Gaddis
Lolita (1955) by Vladimir Nabokov
Naked Lunch (1959) by William S. Burroughs
Rabbit, Run (1960) by John Updike
To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) by Harper Lee
The Sot-Weed Factor (1960) by John Barth
Catch-22 (1961) by Joseph Heller
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962) by Ken Kesey
The Bell Jar (1963) by Sylvia Plath
V. (1963) by Thomas Pynchon
Herzog (1965) by Saul Bellow
In Cold Blood (1966) by Truman Capote
The Crying of Lot 49 (1966) by Thomas Pynchon
Portnoy's Complaint (1969) by Phillip Roth
Slaughterhouse-Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) by Hunter S. Thompson
A Confederacy of Dunces (1980) by John Kennedy Toole
The New York Trilogy (1986) by Paul Auster
Libra (1988) by Don Delillo
Infinite Jest (1996) by David Foster Wallace
Underworld (1997) by Don Delillo
American Pastoral (1997) by Phillip Roth
Pattern Recognition (2003) by William Gibson
The Road (2006) by Cormac McCarthy
Slave Narratives The Interesting Narrative (1789) by Olaudah Equiano
Narrative of the Life (1845) of Frederick Douglass
Narrative (1850) of Sojourner Truth
Twelve Years a Slave (1853) by Solomon Northrup
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861) by Harriet Jacobs
Reconstruction Era Up From Slavery (1901) by Booker T. Washington
The Souls of Black Folk (1903) by W.E.B. Du Bois
The Collected Poetry (1906) by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Harlem Renaissance Cane (1923) by Jean Toomer
The Walls of Jericho (1928) by Rudolph Fisher
Home to Harlem (1928) by Claude McKay
Quicksand and Passing (1929) by Nella Larsen
The Blacker the Berry (1929) by Wallace Thurman
Not Without Laughter (1930) by Langston Hughes
Black no More (1931) by George S. Schugler
Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937) by Zora Neale Hurston
Civil Rights Era Native Son (1940) by Richard Wright
If he Hollers Let Him Go (1945) by Chester Himes
Invisible Man (1952) by Ralph Ellison
Go Tell it on the Mountain (1953) by James Baldwin
A Raisin in the Sun (1959) by Lorraine Hansberry
The Autobiography (1965) of Malcolm X
Selected Poems (1966) by Gwendolyn Brooks
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969) by Maya Angelou
Contemporary Beneath the Underdog (1971) by Charles Mingus
Mumbo Jumbo (1972) by Ismael Reed
Roots (1976) by Alex Haley
Song of Solomon (1977) by Toni Morrison
Kindred (1979) by Ismael Reed
The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker
Linden Hills (1985) by Gloria Naylor
Beloved (1987) by Toni Morrison
Waiting to Exhale (1992) by Terry McMillan
Somebody Blew up America (2001) by Amiri Baraka
The Known World (2003) by Edward P. Jones
Killing Johnny Fry (2006) by Walter Mosley
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