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Proust was a very fancy man with very fine sentiments. Things he liked: the aristocracy, jews, flowers, cookies and tea, other men, art. Things he disliked: his parents, the professional class, salons, hard work, rats.

Masochist or Sadist ???[]

As with most authors, it seems Proust's apatite for deviant and transgressive sex never went wanting.

Proust would enter a brothel and ask the Madam if she had a hat pin and any rats. If the Madam informed him that she had both, or could obtain them, Proust would then request that the pin and vermin be sent up to his room. Once Proust was in his room and comfortable, a rat would be brought in by the Madam, in a makeshift cage, along with, preferably, a pearl-headed hair pin. Proust would then instruct the Madam to puncture the rat from its back through its belly with the hair pin. As the pin slowly went through the rat, Proust would masturbate; timing his ejaculation to occur at the exact moment the tip of the pin pierced the rat’s belly, so that its blood and his semen fell in time.