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Behold, the Meme Trilogy[]

Meme trilogy.png

The Meme Trilogy is the Holy Trinity of /lit/erary achievment. As a manner of course, all il/lit/erates must have read the meme trilogy prior to posting on /lit/. Failure to do so will see one naturally weeded out as a charlatan, a fraud, and a swindler. As all good /lit/izens Start With the Greeks, so do all good /lit/izens must end with the Meme Trilogy. The trilogy itself is comprised of the three most distinct examples of modernist, post-modernist, and metamodernist literature thus far written. They represent the pinnacle of contemporary literature so far achieved up to the current age. The trilogy includes Joyce's Ulysses, Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, and DFW's Infinite Jest.

The meme trilogy is ironically suggested to normies, newfags, redditor refugees, and /lit/izens in general whenever one of them asks for reading suggestions. While the works themselves should most certainly be read for their own merits, their complex structure, intricate use of advanced literary techniques, and meta-textual nature make them nearly inaccessible to the untrained or uninitiated reader. The suggestion of reading the meme trilogy is simultaneously serious and sarcastic, as it serves as a barrier of entry for readers who genuinely love the craft of literature and those who simply read as a time-killing hobby or in hopes of achieving pseud status. For this reason, the trilogy is held in high regard by /lit/ for both their literary artistry as well as their meme and shitposting potential.

The Ties which bind...[]

The works in the meme trilogy became associated together into a trilogy by a couple of key similarities across the texts. They are:

  1. Unadulterated Autism: All three works were written by, and best understood by, people with incurable autism. This is evidence by each works obsession with aesthetics, copious amounts of (seemingly) random knowledge, a near-constant employment of self-referential and meta-texual techniques, and the uncertainty of the modern age.
  2. Hardcore Porn: All three works employ at least one scene of hardcore porn. Surprisingly, all three works use these scenes to aesthetic ends.
  3. Normie Filters: The Meme Trilogy acts as a fantastic Normie Filter, as all three works essentially scare off any normie who tries to get more than a few chapters into the works themselves.
  4. Eccentric Authors: Joyce, Pynchon, and Wallace are three of the most meme-worthy writers in the history of /lit/. Joyce for his Eproctophilia. Pynchon for his autistic hermit lifestyle. Wallace for killing himself like a faggot.