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An autistic, alcoholic, reportedly violent "writer" who achieved a brief moment of memetic fame on /lit/ and elsewhere. This was short lived however, thanks in large part to the detective work of Herald Bloom, who tirelessly analysed the circulating texts and discovered that Wallace hadn't any talent - particularly damning were the discoveries that he literally couldn't write, couldn't think, nor had any discernible talent.

The face of contemporary writing

After decades of institutionalization, at least two restraining orders, and many questionable fashion choices, David Foster Wallace lost his life long battle with "marijuana addiction" and passed away under circumstances described by the police as "lame and operating outside of the canon,"

Selected Works[]

  • Bloom of the System (1986)
  • Infinite Jest (1995)
  • This is Water (2005)
  • Pay My Funeral Bill (2011)