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Cormac McCarthy has a whole mess memes on him, coming from both on and off site.


The most common way to deride McCarthy is to call him Corncob, for the fact that cobs of corn are the origin of his afflatus. Another good way is to call McCarthy "Barncore."Barncorre means from the barn dweller and for the barn dweller, much like fabled basement it acts.

The least clever way of mocking McCarthy is to do thus, "Ye olde burro ate the torilla, chewed it, swallowed it, spat and rode on against the Butcher Paper mountains."

Off Site Memes[]

This oft posted quote attempts what the latter /lit/ meme aims, but does so with far more heat.

ah, blood meridian, monsieur? that novel is the sark and chaparral of literature, the filament whereon rode the remuda of highbrow, corraled out of some destitute hacienda upon the arroya, quirting and splurting with main and with pyrolatrous coagulate of lobated grandiloquence. our eyes rode over the pages, monsieur, of that slatribed azotea like argonauts of suttee, juzgados of swole, bights and systoles of walleyed and tyrolean and carbolic and tectite and scurvid and querent and creosote and scapular malpais and shellalagh. we scalped, monsieur, the gantlet of its esker and led our naked bodies into the rebozos of its mennonite and siliceous fauna, wallowing in the jasper and the carnelian like archimandrites, teamsters, combers of cassinette scoria, centroids of holothurian chancre, with pizzles of enfiladed indigo panic grass in the saltbush of our vigas, true commodores of the written page, rebuses, monsieur, we were the mygale spiders too and the devonian and debouched pulque that settled on the frizzen studebakers, listening the wolves howling in the desert while we saw the judge rise out of a thicket of corbelled arches, whinstone, cairn, cholla, lemurs, femurs, leantos, moonblanched nacre, uncottered fistulas of groaning osnaburg and kelp, isomers of fluepipe and halms awap of griddle, guisado, pelancillo.